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Cheap Chew Toys for Your Dog

Chewing is one of favorite pastime habits for dogs. However this habit can be less then favorable for owner if the ting that they chew on is expensive. Now you do not have to worry about your dog chewing on expensive things in the house as you can give them these news safe non edible chew toys.

Planet Dog ORBEE-TUFF recycle bone:-

Dog owners have huge positive comments regarding this non edible, no toxic dog chew toy. No matter how heavy a chewer your dog is, it cannot simply destroy this bone looking chew toy. This durable and mess free chew toy can be purchased for just 7 dollars.


Kong classic:-

Kong Classic is another famous non toxic and non edible chew toy that can be purchased at a starting price of 7 dollars from even Amazon. The toy is a best diversionary tactic as you can let your dog stay focused on chewing this toy by simply putting tasty treat inside its hollow space. This toy is although made from soft and pliable material but is simply impervious to intense chewing of dogs.

Kong classic

Planet Dog ORBEE-TUFF Reduce:-

This chew toy is simply another upgraded version of the previously explained Kong Classic Chew toy. The toy is available in different shapes like raspberries or an eggplant and is also available in varying sizes. Starting price of this toy is 6 dollars on Amazon and like Kong Classic it can also be filled with tasty dog treat to keep your pet busy for hours of chewy fun time. They also have bouncy property so they can also be used to play fetch with your dog.


Nylabone DuraChew:-

Nylabone DuraChew Chew Toy has immense fan following due to the strong durability. Some fans even claim that the chew toy is a onetime cost and it can last simply for forever. The design of this chew toy also has little nubs on its side that help cleaning the teeth of your dog while they chew on it. The price of this toy is between 5 to 14 dollars and it comes in various sizes and shapes.


While speaking about Non Edible Chew toys, here are some options for Edible Chew Toys as well.

Wholesome Hide Rolls:-

Wholesome Hide Rolls although start from a price of 7 dollars but due to their immense popularity among dog owners have become a scarcity. Unlike many other chewable toys, they do not cause stomach problems for dogs. One other reason for popularity is that this product is manufactured in USA.

Wholesome Hide Rolls

Pet Expertise Bully Stick:-

These Bully Sticks, chewable toys are popular because they are less of a choking hazard when compared to rawhide chews. One downside is that these chew toys do not last much longer when compared to others. They are relatively heap as they cost only 3 dollars to buy one bully stick. Dog owners love this product because of it being safe to eat and also not casing any stomach problems while in digestion process.

Pet Expertise Bully Stick

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