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Puppy Learns Going Down The Stairs Same Way As Her 3-Legged Brother

A 2 years old dog named Bowie suffered from a health condition that resulted in him losing his leg. With now one of his legs gone, Bowie had to learn everything from start. However, with the help of his loving family, he soon figured out doing everyday tasks with little tweaks like going up and down the flight of stairs.


After Bowie lost his leg, he started going down the stairs by leaning against one of the walls and slowly hoping down the flight of stairs. He performed the process uncountable times to make it perfect for him and as it happens to be; her compassionate sister was also watching her brother’s struggle.


Bowie’s sister amend Zeppelin joined the family back in January and by that time Bowie was already used to his three legs and became instant friend and a role model for her new sister. From the day, Zeppelin came to the house, they became inseparable and it was not a surprise to the family that she took some pointers from her big brother.


Karisa Maxwell, the parent of both dogs said, “Both of them are always snuggling up with each other applying together even if there are other dogs beside them. We were worried that Bowie would not play with her as Zeppelin got bigger than he was. However, Zeppelin is very kind and gentle with Bowie and she plays at his pace and also protects him.”


As she got older, it turned out that she wanted to spend time with her brother more like him. Finally on day her parents found pout the abrogable way by which she got down the stairs.

As Zeppelin has been taking her brother’s cues, she now also goes down the stairs as if she also got only 3 legs like Bowie.

Her parents tried to show her that she does not need to go down the flight of stairs like that but Zeppelin has refused to go the normal way down. She simply wants to be jest like Bowie.


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