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Everyone Bursts Into Laughter At The Graduation Ceremony As A Dog Steals The Show With His Act

Earlier last week at the Horseshoe Bend School located in Alabama was the graduation ceremony for the senior’s class. While the big day was all about these grad students, they were upstaged for a moment by a hilarious dog.

The name of this certain dog is Charlie.


Charlie is the pet dog of one of the graduating students named Logan Branch who happens to live near the school. During the school year, Charlie often came to the school as he wandered around and played with his owner during breaks. It took him time but he soon made his place in hearts of students at school.

Branch said, “Everyone at the school is aware that he is my dog.”

It seemed that Charlie knew that his time with everyone in the school is short so he decided to leave his own mark in a special and hilarious way.


Guess who decided to crash in the middle of the graduation ceremony of all the students and Branch. It was none other than the goofy Charlie.

Branch said, “Nobody had thought that Charlie would be there. He just came inside the front gate and surprised everyone.”

After wandering around for a few moments Charlie carried on with his big act to steal the thunder of all the kids.  He relieved himself casually on a nearby decorative fern.


And as he does the act and you can see in the video down below, everyone bursts into laughter.

Branch said, “as soon as he walked near the plant, every one of us knew what he was about to do. This is why we could not help but laugh.”

Despite everyone loving Charlie, his owner was still quite embarrassed; can you tell who his owner is?


After Charlie’s big moment, the ceremony went like normal with nobody being able to top Charlie’s moment.


Branch said, “He was definitely the one that received the most attention from the crowd tonight. He definitely loved it.”

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