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Obese Beagle On A Weight-Loss Journey To Lose 60 Pounds

Meet Wolfgang a homeless beagle dog who happens to always be in high spirits despite the fact that he can’t do most things that normal dogs do.

The reason is that Wolfgang happens to be 60 pounds overweight. He needs to be only 23 pounds in weight but he is well over 90 pounds.

No one knows the reason as to why Wolfgang got so overweight.

A foster for homeless pets with the Arizona Beagle Rescue named Erin McManis said, “we do not even know the circumstances that led to him being in the shelter but he was found by the shelter as a stray dog. After he was in the shelter, I and my husband got to be his foster parents.”

The foster family also has two other pets beside Wolfgang but he is not bothered by it at all. Wolfgang does not do much in the house but loves to lie back on his back a lot as he sunbathes in the yard while the other two dogs named Fred and Andre look at him.

Seeing that Wolfgang is one special pup, his foster family has decided to help him lose weight.

They have put him on a special 600 calories per day diet recommended by a vet.  McManis said, “I cook him some lean turkey with a helping of green veggies.”

McManis said that Wolfgang suffers from a serious thyroid condition and is also under medication to help control it. He also takes lots of vitamins to keep him healthy.

In addition to tall this, he is also doing lots of exercises as McManis helps him swim around the pool with regular walks.

McManis said, ‘I was worried that he would feel too hungry on his new diet but he seems to love both his diet and exercise plan.”

This foster family has already helped other dogs control their obese bodies.

The family dog Andre was 68 pounds and they whipped him into shape and now he weighs only 23 pounds.

 McManis has also decided to join Wolfgang’s weight loss program as she takes on a low-carb diet for herself as well. She thinks of doing it because it is fun when both dog and owner does it.

After Wolfgang controls his weight and overall health, he will be up for adoption soon.

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