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Porg; an Adopted Kitten With Huge ‘Glass’ Eyes After He Was Found And Rescued, Abandoned On A Porch

Today we like to share with our readers a cute and amazing story of a very special kitten named Porg.  Porg was rescued after he was found abandoned on a porch in a card box outside the veterinary clinic.

When the doctor found him on the porch, there was a large wound around Porg’s neck which she presumed to be due to some kind of trauma. Porg was also a very small kitten who weighed only 1 pound. He was immediately taken to the Vet’s ER where he was stitched.

The next day, vet brought him with her for a full exam and everyone in the room described that first time when they fell in love with Porg in a single glance. The vet who is Porg’s rescuer and the vet, described him as 1.3 pounds of eyeballs and sass. She decided to foster Porg and brought him to her house and from that day forward, Porg became a permanent member of her family.

It was Porg’s large eyes that got him his name. The name is actually inspired from a creature in the famed movie franchise Star Wars. However, Porg had another condition. Whenever the owners groomed or scratch him around his ears and necks, his skin would start to have large recurring tears which were not a normal thing for a kitten.

Porg, after a skin biopsy, was found to be affected with a hereditary collagen defect, known commonly as Elhers Danlos Syndrome. This condition is very rare in cats and that is what earned Porg his nickname the “Glass Kitten” because he is incredibly fragile.

The family has now gotten used to being careful with Porg and his routine and since then he is doing great with his new family.

Porg wears clothes as it is very important for the protection of his skin.

Porg also has an eye condition named “Lens Luxations” which is also reported in some cats that suffer from Elhers Danlos Syndrome. Porg’s eyes are managed by daily eye drops.

As for Porg’s personality, his owners describe it to be larger than life. He is quite effective and loves to play.

As for when he quiets down, he is a great cuddler and has the loudest purr.

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