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Enzo; the Golden Retriever Born With A Rare Genetic Mutation, And It Made Him Incredibly Adorable

Enzo is a special rescue dog who is not only adorable and cute but also because he has a rare genetic mutation that caused his facial fur to have a condition called “Pigmented Somatic Cell Mutation”. Although this mutation is not deadly or causes any serious health conditions, it only leads to having Enzo a black marking appear on his face.

Enzo’s owner and rescuer, Ella Castro told media that, “Golden retrievers are born usually with a base black coat which with a modifier gene turns their fur to golden color. Almost every dog has this modifier gene. Only for Enzo, he has a little stumble in his DNA sequence that erased that one part of his face from the traditional golden fur of the Golden Retrievers.”

This is Enzo and he might steal your heart.

Enzo was born with a rare genetic mutation that caused his face to have a back splotch on one side of it.

Enzo, whose full name is Lorenzo deMedici Splotch Viola, is a little unusual from the other dog of his breed not only because of his special marking but also because he is quite huge.

Enzo’s appearance has made him a little different from other dogs. However, like any other dog, he is a good boy who likes to play around in the mud.

He likes to chew on sticks as well.

Enzo’s family describes him as a very friendly dog. The owner told media, “He likes to greet joggers and other dogs. If somebody is too busy to reply back to his hello, he takes it as a personal offense.”

If you look at Enzo’s eyes, they are clearly shouting these words, “I am 100 percent sure that you would like to stop working and start playing with me.”

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