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A Driver Suddenly Spots A Stray Kitten Stuck Over An Overpass And Rescues It

A few days ago a man named Rob Acuña Jr. was on his way back from work to home on his car driving over an overpass in Houston, Texas, when suddenly his eyes caught something really unexpected. This sudden sight ended up being a blessing for some poor soul.

Rob Acuña Jr. said, “I noticed a little bump on the side of the overpass which is suspected to have a face. As it had been a long tiring day for me, I thought I was seeing things.”

Rob Acuña Jr. continued his drive to home but the thought crept in his mind that ‘What If the bump Was Actually A Living Thing?’

After few minutes of driving ahead, Rob Acuña Jr. decided to drive back for a second look. He turned back and headed towards the place where he saw the bump and it turned out to be a great decision.

While driving slowly and having his hazard lights turned on, he looked for the bump and reached it. It turned out to be a little kitten that was stuck on the edge of the overpass wall.

Below is the video of the moment when Rob Acuña Jr. found the stray stuck kitten and rescued it.

Rob Acuña Jr. thoughts had ended up saving a life.

Rob Acuña Jr. said, “For the whole time I was in a state of complete disbelief. If I had not caught the rescue on my camera I would have not believed it myself either.”

Rob Acuña Jr. took the little kitten back with him to his home where he bathed and fed him.

The kitten was named as Pepper by Acuña’s family.

Rob Acuña Jr. said, “Pepper is now doing fine. After a few days of feeling confused and scared, she has started to slowly come out of her shell and is now a feisty little kitten.

As for the family of Rob Acuña’s, they are known for being animal lovers who often shelter and foster rescued animals.

Pepper is clearly in good hands right now.

After Pepper has fully healed and regained her playful nature, many people have shown interest in adopting the cute kitten.

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