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Snoop; the Dog Abandoned Before Christmas On Camera Gets Adopted And Now He Can’t Stop Smiling

A few months ago back before Christmas last year; the Staffordshire bull terrier breed dog named Snoop was one of the loneliest pups in the world.


The dog was dumped by his owner with all his belongings by his cruel owners on the side of a road in England. The sad part was that this entire hurtful act was caught on camera. The heartbreaking video revealed to the world as to how the cruel owners dumped him and how the dog tried to run after the car. 

After going through the most heart-wrenching experience of his little life, Snoop now has something to be happy about.  He has been finally adopted. Her new loving dad is Laurence Squire who also feels himself to be the luckiest person to have brought Snoop to his home and life.


Squire told media in a statement, “One day I was watching the news when suddenly Snoop’s story came on. I was shocked to learn about what happened to him. Thy way he was trying to get back in the car showed as to how loyal he really was.” 



Snoop is not only loyal, but he happens to be extremely loyal. Workers of RSPCA state that he suffers from a condition called “Separation Anxiety”.

Lucky for Snoop, his new dad is a work at home dad and this way they will be able to spend more time together. 



A spokesperson from RSPCA, Rachel Butler said that Snoop is very comfortable with his new family. She said, “The love and care that Laurence is giving him is truly wonderful. Snoop is living like a King there.” 



Snoop is now running and playing around Laurence house like a happy dog he was meant to be. Still, with what he has gone through, he never lets his new dad away from his sight.



Squire said, “As soon as Snoop came home, he jumped on to the sofa and it was like he had decided that this was now his spot.”

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