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Owner And Dog Leap Into Icy Lake To Save Trapped Pups

A man named Timofey Yuriev and his faithful dog named Kira has been inseparable from each other ever since they met each other last year.

The happy duo nowadays does everything together and this also includes saving lives.



Last week on Saturday, Timofey Yuriev and his wife along with their dog Kira were out for a sunset stroll on an icy lake near their house in New York. The place is usually tranquil and quiet but on that very day, the tranquility of the place was shattered by some sounds that were the bells of an ensuing tragedy.

Timofey Yuriev told media, “We were there when suddenly we heard screams of a woman from across the lake. We went there to see what had happened and saw that her two Labradors fell into the lake. What happened was the two dogs were crossing the lake from where it was thin and the ice broke and they well feel in. they tried to come out of it but couldn’t succeed in their efforts.”

Timofey Yuriev watched the dog as their energy was quickly decreasing while trapped in freezing waters. He was aware that time was short for him to do something.



Timofey Yuriev had experience of swimming in icy waters so he decided to dive into the icy lake water and save these two dogs. However, what he did not know at the time was that he was not alone.

After he undressed and jumped into the lake, he saw Kira following him into the lake as well.

Timofey Yuriev said, “I was aware that she was going to follow me and we were going to do it together.”

Here is the heroic video of the dog and its owner saving the nearest of the two dogs first.

Yuriev said, “She was great support for me and my little helper as well.”

After saving the first dog, they headed back in to save the other one out of the freezing water.

The video of both Yuriev and Kira saving the second dog is down below.

Fortunately, both dogs were rescued. Although they were a bit frazzled, they were both still in good health.



Kira is known to be a kind-hearted dog that can also access any situation better.



On this day, she actually proved it for everyone to see.

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