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Man Leaves Tiny Bald Puppies At Vet’s Office Twice

A man walked into a vet’s office named West Mounts Vets located in New England wearing a hoodie and a tracksuit. No one was aware as to what he was going to do. The staff of the vet office did not know that the man was not here to have his pet checked or ask anything, instead he placed down a box at the reception area and quickly walked out of the clinic.

The staffers who were puzzled at man’s behavior went near the box to find inside 2 bald puppies that required medical attention.

The staffers who were shocked to see the puppies called for the nearest branch of the RSPCA of the Leeds, Wakefield, and District.

The puppies have now been named as Dobby and Winky. Both of them were in terrible condition and people are disgusted as to how someone could abandon them without even taking care of them at all like it was nothing.

An Inspector of RSPCA named Sarah Bagley told media, “one of the dogs is a blue colored one while the other is cream colored pone. Both of them are females and are about 4 months old. Not even one of the dogs has hair on their body which is due to a severe skin condition called ‘Demodectic Mange.”

The puppies were scared and confused after they arrived at the shelter. After a few days, both dogs slowly started to show the love which might have been for the first time in their lives. They suddenly transformed into playful pups which they were always meant to be.

Everyone thought that this was a happy ending but the story did not end here.

After one week of these two pups being abandoned, the man who dumped them came again to the clinic wearing the very same outfit at the same vet’s clinic. However this time he walked to the reception and asked the lady there for help. The receptionist went inside to call the nurse but by the time they came out, the man was long gone while leaving behind another box with a third bald puppy inside.

The vet clinic was shocked at this sort of thing happening twice and called the RSPCA again who took in the pup and named him Albus.

Now all of these three siblings are together and everyone at RSPCA is happy to see them heal and grow together. They are also waiting for the day with excitement when these puppies will find their loving forever home.

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