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Most dangerous Lizards and turtles in the world

Lizards might look menacing because of their subtle expressions along with their claws and teeth and turtles with their slow moving pace might seem like docile creatures that move about slowly. Most of these lizards and turtles are harmless to humans but some of them are built in nature’s design to kill humans easily. Some of these dangerous lizards and turtles that are fond across the globe are as follows.

Snapping Turtle:-

This turtle type belongs to freshwater turtles and is named Snapping Turtles due to its strong method of biting its prey and anything that threatens it. This fiery tempered turtle is a native of North America and also found in Mexico and Central America. They have black colored body with an upper hard and a lower cross shaped shell accompanied with a long tail and hooked jaws. It is omnivorous by nature.

Snapping Turtle

Mexican Beaded Lizard:-

Mexican Beaded Lizard is another horrifying species of lizard family which is slightly larger in size as compared to Gila Lizard. The lizard is native to the area of Pacific coast of Mexico. The lizard is somewhat similar to Gila Lizard in its preying habits. It stores fat inside his own body and bites down on its food with strong jaws while transmitting strong nerve poison inside its prey’s body. The species is widely known for the illegal pet trade in USA, Europe and Japan.

Mexican Beaded Lizard

Tree Crocodile:-

Tree crocodile or also more commonly know n as crocodile monitor is an inhabitant of New Guinea and prefers its living environment near the coastal areas. They are mainly black in color with specks of green, white and yellow colors. They can weigh up to 90 kg while being at a length of 5 meters.

Crocodile monitor suffers from hunting for its skin and meat. The skin is made into clothing and drumheads. Due to its aggressive nature it is quite perilous act to hunt this creature.

Tree Crocodile

Water Monitor:-

Malayan Lizard or Water monitor inhabits the areas including Sunda Islands, Bay of Bengal, South area of China Sea and Sirilanka. Like many lizards of its class, Malayan lizard has an elongated body that has a huge neck and head as well as a heavy body with long tail. The adult water monitor can grow up to 9 feet in length.

These lizards are carnivorous by nature and thus rely on other lizards, small fishes, mammals, mollusks and even some birds for food sustenance. They have also been reported to dig and excavate human corpses and eat them for sustenance. They are hunted for their skin and toxin which is used for making clothing as well as for medicinal uses. Their bite can transit venom which can cause mild effects and also an infection due to bacteria.

Water Monitor

Komodo dragon:-

Komodo dragon is the largest living species of lizard family and is mainly found living in Komodo Island as well as on Sunda Islands in Indonesia. Due t being on the verge of extinction it has become an ecotourism attraction and thus its species have been somewhat preserved.

They can grow up to 5 feet in length with a body weight of 135 kg. This lizard is not carnivorous in nature but also has cannibalistic tendencies. They sometime eat small members of their own species and sometimes the adults as well. They have the speed to chase a human and reportedly have killed many humans. Their primary attack is to bite their prey and inject them with a toxin that hinders the blood clotting resulting in death due to blood loss.

Komodo dragon


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