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Genius Pet Gear for your pet’s

We bring to you some of the most advanced pet gears that were built to pamper your beloved pet. Some of these pet gears are futuristic in look while some are ordinary looking built with a more unique modern touch.

Mod Carrier:- 

The Mod Carrier is a backpack type pet carrier which allows for a ventilated and comfortable space for your pet to reside while you carry them around. The carrier is able to accommodate a cat or a small sized dog weighing almost around 16 pounds easily. The acrylic window for the carrier can be swapped with glass panel for view of your pet and for you to keep a look on it. One of the popular Mod Carriers in market is U-Pet Bubble Pet Carrier.

Mod Carrier

Luxe Bed:- 

Why humans have all the fun of a comfy and cozy mattress why not a comfortable and cozy mattress for pets? Memory foam makers introduce a canine bed that’s better than many other sub standard pet beds in the market. The microfiber cover of the bed can be washed in machine. The material is durable enough to withstand the teeth and claws of your pet. These mattresses can be bought from Casper.com

Luxe Bed

Flash light Collar:- 

Another great pet gear for your pet safety is the Flashy light collar. This collar holds inside LED lights which are rechargeable. If by any chance your pet roams out of the house and onto streets or roads, then wearing this flashy collar will make him visible to oncoming traffic.

Flash light Collar

Runner’s Leash:-

For an energetic dog owner, the runner leash is a great pet gear. The harness of this leash can be tied around owner’s back at one end and the other end can be tied with dog collar. The cord is elastic so it allows for various speeds of your dog to not impact on our body.

Runner’s Leash

Safety Vest:-

Safety Vest is not only for safety but to also let your dog to enjoy the rain while remaining warm. The vest orange color is an added bonus to make him visible to traffic.

Safety Vest

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