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Meet Barsik; The Largest cat that shelter ever had

Literally, thousands of f cats have arrived at the ACC (Animal Care Center of NY) but they have never seen a cat as humongous as Barsik.

The staff was stunned to see the 5 years old Barsik who weighs an astonishing 41 pounds in weight. He was brought in with another pet cat named Suki last week.


According to a post on Barsik’s social media page, both of these cats found themselves to be homeless after their family decided to move and could no longer afford to have them.

The shelter found themselves unequipped to handle a cat like Barsik of such huge size. In order to house Barsik, staff had to improvise.

ACC wrote on their Facebook page, Barsik is an obese cat who needs a loving home that can help him around with his weight loss. He is not only too big for housing but also to rest in the office.”


Luckily for both Suki and Barsik another non-profit organization named Anjellicle Cats rescue decided to put both of these cats to a foster home. However, moving Barsik to a foster home was also a challenge.

Barsik’s foster mom, Angelique Luzzolino said that “the shelter had to look their entire building to find the biggest carrier they had to carry Barsik. Two workers helped me carry Barsik to the car. As for carrying him inside the house, I had to do it alone.”


Barsik, who was not all warming to her foster mother, tried to hide from her first. However, the 41 pounds weight cat was unable to squeeze in between the furniture.

Luzzolino said, “I feel really sad to see him when he grooms himself. He is not able to reach the back legs or the rear half of the body. In order to get his coat in better shape, we have started to brush him ourselves.”

Luzzolino is taking good care of Barsik with soft blankets for him to sleep on and Barsik’s favorite; plenty of tasty food.


Soon she will put Barsik on a strict weight loss program to help him get healthy for finding a forever home for him.

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