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Family Makes A Special Sling For Senior Cat To Pet Him At All Times

Meet Ricky, who is a 17 years old senior cat that is fond of getting attention and is also not shy to ask about it.


Luckily for this Siamese cat, his loving family is more than happy to give him all the love and care he asks for.


Ricky has his own good reasons for being such a demanding cat., he suffers from cat arthritis so getting frequent stroking helps him feel extra comfortable. This is why the demands of Ricky to be pet are not only left underscored but also with urgency.

Luckily for Ricky, his family has decided to get inventive in order to pet him all the time.


Ricky’s mom, Debbie Morse got a sling which was meant for a sprained arm but instead used it to carry Ricky.

Debbie’s daughter wrote, “Ricky follows my mom all around the house meowing until she stops doing whatever she is and strokes him. This is what she came up with to help Ricky with his constant stroking.”

But the real question here is that Is Ricky comfortable with this sling solution or not?

He is very well OK with this as his belly is always in close proximity with his mom for a belly stroke. As soon as his mom strokes her belly, he squints his eyes in self-satisfaction.

Felicity Morse further said, “With this sling which my mom invented, Ricky feels comfortable and less lonely. The warmth and the cuddles both help him greatly with his arthritis.”


For his whole life, Ricky has been the part of Morse family and he has gotten used to being pampered. They do literally everything for him, like bathing him weekly.

It is good to know that his family is aware that despite Ricky being so old, he should not be left behind on all the love and care.


Debbie Morse said, “he is so gentle and cute. He is worth his weight in gold.”

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