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People Running Race Can’t Seem to Resist The Cute Corgi On The Sidelines

If you are feeling down already, then prepare to get a huge dose of cuteness and adorableness with the corgi named Max.

We are warning you ahead of time because even people like devout monks with lots of self-discipline find it difficult for them to resist the charm of this adorable pup. To rub the fluffy belly of this pup is like a sweet song of a Siren.


Last week, Max was present among the spectators on the sidelines who were watching the runners competing at a 10 kilometers race held in the city of New Orleans by the name Crescent City Classic. Max was hanging out there in support of all the runner alongside his dad, Collin and their friend Mary Jacobs.

Standing in the heat, Max started to get tired so his dad decided to pick him up. 2hwat he did not know was that it would trigger one of the cutest responses he could have had not hoped for.

Jacobs told media, “At that moment, when Collins picked Max up, his belly was all visible and runner started to pet it. It was totally an unexpected and a spontaneous thing.”

Below is the video of the moment when runners could not resist the charm of the cute Corgi and started giving him belly rubs.

Max’s fluffy tummy was like a magnet for all the runners to et as Collins held him in cradling position for a while.

Jacobs said, “The entire time, Collins was cradling Max, he was getting belly rubs. It was funny to see all the runners add a few seconds to their race just for the sake of petting a Corgi.”

Well, runners were not the only one who enjoyed it, Max also loved it.


Well, there was still quite a distance for every runner to finish the race, we believe that when they gave Max belly rubs, they already won.

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