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A Cyclist Finds A Stray Cat That Transformed His whole Life

Meet Niccolò Bonifazio who is a professional cyclist living in Italy.

Niccolò Bonifazio has had many achievements to his name when it came to his profession but the thing that completely transformed his whole life is his act of kindness.

Back in May, Niccolò Bonifazio was on a 20 kilometers long training ride alongside his few friends when he heard something unexpected. Somewhere along the road where there were no houses or people, Niccolò Bonifazio heard tiny cries of something for help.

Niccolò Bonifazio said, “I heard the meowing sounds from a distance. It was a disturbing noise so I got curious and went to look for the source of the sound in the woods.”

It was there, where Niccolò Bonifazio found a stray little kitten in a garbage bag who was barely clinging to his life. The kitten had apparently been dumped by someone there to die. Luckily for the kitten, he had been found by Niccolò Bonifazio.

Niccolò Bonifazio said, “The kitten was not doing so well and time was of the essence for him.”

Holding the tiny kitten in one hand, Niccolò Bonifazio rode his cycle for nearly one hour straight to get him to safety. As it can be seen in the video below, Niccolò Bonifazio fell in love with the kitten during the way back.

The kitten was finally saved from the edge of the death but the story did not stop there.

Niccolò Bonifazio said, “We took him to the vet where he responded well to the treatment. There, I decided to take him home with me.”

Since then, the little kitten has been showered by the love of Niccolò Bonifazio and his partner in their home.

Niccolò Bonifazio said, “He is very cute and is really full of energy. We have named him Bisous which translates “Kiss” in French.”

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