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Shameless animals we still love

Some of the house pets have the bad habit of stealing things either of their owners or from their owner’s neighbors. Other than that they think of their owner’s things as their own and they even behave like little kids about these things. Do you have a pet that messes up your living room or tear up the toilet rolls or that occupy your seats on pubic transport? If you have these animals then you probably still won’t hate them but instead love them more deeply.

For or readers today we have gathered a list of such shameless animals who despite misbehaving and wrecking up the house have the audacity to stay chill all the time. Scroll down to look at some of these little rascals who we love despite their shameless acts of vandalism.

This dog made mess out of his owner’s living room but still has the audacity to remain chill while owner cleans up the mess. Just look at his arm and see how chill he is.

dog made mess

This cat’s name is Bridget and she is a little thief who likes to venture out in the morning and steal socks or undergarments from neighboring houses.


To gain attention this dog picks up everything in sight and threaten to chew it

gain attention

A dumb feather duster thieving cat

feather duster

He seems really proud of the mess he has made


That’s one hell of a prankster kitty

prankster kitty

Capybara: “You’ve got to be kidding me!”


This Diva needs some attention and will do anything for it


He might seem small but he is THUG


He seems relaxed about his crime


This cat broke a small piece off in ceiling tile off just so he could stick his head through it and meow incessantly while owner tries to watch TV

ceiling tile

Rude cat stole dog’s bone but dog is so nice that he does not even fights for what is his

Rude cat

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