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Hilarious pictures of clumsy animals will give you cramps

When watching our pets at home or observing wild animals in nature we often think, “Wow! They are just like people!” Just like us, animals can be silly and serious, kind and angry, graceful and of course, clumsy! They stumble and fall, get trapped and find themselves in the most awkward situations like many of us do. Take a look at this series of animal fails and have a good laugh at these funny creatures!

Scroll down to choose your best photo from these list of Hilarious pictures of clumsy animals that will give you cramps from laughing hard.

They say that Flamingo is one of the most graceful animals in the world; doesn’t seem like it


Who tuned off the lights guys


If I can’t see anybody then no one can see me


Just enjoying the summer heat in my sun lounger

sun lounger

Horses are embodiment of Beauty and grace


We all have that one clumsy friend in our group


What are you looking at? it’s the latest fashion trend


When you have no clue how to use those human things


Somebody, help me! The ground is eating me alive


Seeing the world upside down is mesmerizing

upside down

Oopsy daisy!


Cats are not the only liquid animals on Earth


When you know exactly what your dog has just been doing


Sometimes it’s better to slow down a bit

slow down

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