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Service Dog and His Mom Visit The Disney World And He Has the Sweetest Photoshoots

Henry is the name of a service dog that went to live with his now mom Jessica Paulsen back in 2017 and completely changed her whole life.

Jessica Paulsen suffered from a condition known as the POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Serving as the service dog for Paulsen, Henry practices deep pressure therapy with her mom where he places his body weight on her mom to cause her blood pressure to rise and that helps to shorten Paulsen’s episodes of nausea and fainting. The dog has also been trained to get her husband if the situation gets a little out of control as well as picking things up for her and helping her move around the house.

Dog with his mom


Henry has helped changed the life of Paulsen for better and for that both of them have become good friends that are literally inseparable. Now they go to places together and the best place they like to visit is Disney World.

Service Dog Disney World


Henry and Paulsen have gone to Disney World for more than 6 times and 4 of those times were to train Henry for multiple situations. On their last trip, Henry and Paulsen decided to have some fun and also brighten up the day for everyone by having the sweetest most adorable photoshoot.

First, they hanged around with Kevin form the famed animated movie titled “Up”.



Then there was the typical castle shot.

castle shot


Then they lit the special lanterns from the movie titled “Tangled” and also took a shot while burning it.

 special lanterns


After that Henry decided to have some solo photoshoots of himself. He dressed in some of the most adorable outfits that could make a person of the icy heart have a smile on their face.

solo photoshoots


The pair also shared their tips of teaching a service dog the necessary things and they are both happy to have shared their wisdom with anyone who asked for it.

Funny Dog


Since the first trip to Disney World, Henry has made progress by leaps and bounds and his mom is really proud of him.

Dog Looks Like Butterfly


Paulsen said, “A year ago, when we first arrived at Disney World, Henry was really excited to meet all these characters. While it was really cute it did not sit well with his training routine. He is still not perfect but still has made amazing progress and that makes me really proud of him.”

The last thing the pair does at the end of the day is to see the amazing Disney firework show.

Service Dog Drinking Milk


Paulsen said, “the show of firework at the Magic Kingdom is the thing that I look most forward to in this entire trip s I get to sit with my best bud as he lays his head in my lap. I really appreciate as to what he has given me.”

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