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Zanda Indriksone; a girl from Latvia rescued more than 350 homeless cats during last 2 years

A student plus part-time worker named Zanda Indriksone who is a native of Latvia started her humane work of saving homeless cats about two years ago. The girl did not study anything to help these cats in any university or her high school. On the contrary, she learned about the cats and knowledge about their health from her own experiences.

Zanda Indriksone told the media, ‘for example when I am on the street and I see a cat, I cannot just ignore and walk away. The first thing I do is pick up the cat and take it to the vet. The vet will then check her health and determine its age”.

Thankfully for her, she is not alone in this humane mission as many volunteers also partake in this effort of hers. They also provide temporary homes for these cats until they are adopted by other people.

The time which each of the cats can stay up in each home depends on the health of the cat. If the cat is healthy, it can get adopted in less than an hour. Most of these adoptions actually happen in summer. The longest time when a cat spent in a temporary home was for one month and that was also because cat needed special treatment.

As of the moment, Zanda Indriksone is also the part of a non-profit cat organization named “Cat Care Community”. This organization is building homes out of wood for living quarters of homeless cats in the Riga city and many other cities of Latvia.

Zanda Indriksone has saved more than 530 homeless cats since she started her mission two years ago.

Here are some of the pictures of the cats she saved during these past two years.


cat love 1



cat love 2



cat love 3



cat love 4



cat love 5



cat love 6



cat love 7



cat love 8



cat love 9



cat love 10



cat love 11



cat love 12



cat love 13



cat love 14



cat love 15



cat love 16



cat love 17



cat love 18



cat love 19



cat love 20


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