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Motorcyclists manage to keep their calm even after a tiger chases after them

Riding a motorcycle is a  thrilling thing in its own sense but for a couple of motorcyclists who were riding their bikes on a road passing through the forest, things turned a little extra thrilling than what they had expected.

The best part of all, apart from being totally unharmed, they were able to catch this thrilling moment on video.

Tiger in a Forest

The incident happened on a countryside road in India. These guys were zipping through the forest when they suddenly noticed that a shadowy figure had been on their tail from the other side of the road.

In just a few seconds, this figure appeared and revealed to be a Wild Tiger which almost had them from behind.

Wild Tiger Attacks on People

The tiger continued his chase after these bikers for a few seconds as if he was defending his territory from this seemingly fast animal aka the motorbike. But he soon dived back into the forest on the opposite side of where he emerged.

Luckily no one was hurt in this strange occurrence but the salute is to these riders who managed to keep their calm even after such a ferocious wild beast chasing after them and to have gotten so close to them.

As for the tiger’s actions, tigers are suffering the loss of their natural habitats and are also suffering extinction when they are killed by locals for killing their livestock or coming into villages and harm humans.

In addition to these challenges and danger of suffering poaching the wild tiger population has plummeted. As for the tigers in the zoos or in private collections they are being bred and raised in captivity and then sold in captivity as well.

suffering poaching the wild tiger population

This particular video was posted on the Facebook page of FAWPS (Forests and Wildlife Protection Society). While it lasted only for a few moments, this will be a lifetime thing for these motorcyclists.

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