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Gaspar; A Dog Survives 6 Days In The Desert After Falling Off The Plane

A dog named Gaspar went through what can be called a really miraculous situation. The animal was headed on his way boarding an airplane to his tutor. The dog that was kept in the cargo compartment, the door of the compartment was left open accidentally and changed this dog’s life.

Gaspar was traveling with his owner named Ligia Gallardo to the city named Iquique located in northern Chile. The little animal was traveling with Gallardo in a small box kept in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. After the plane landed its destination, Gallardo was in for a terrible shock; the shipping box containing Gaspar was empty.

After the compartment box, which was left open accidentally, the box containing Gaspar crashed open which caused the little dog to be scared that ran out of the plane.  The little dog ran off to the Atacama Desert. There Gaspar wandered for nearly 1 week before he was found and rescued.

Authorities at the airport said that the box containing Gallardo was accidentally opened and the dog fled in fear. The guard of Gaspar man named Janis Cavieres said that the box has fallen after the plane landed and opened due to the impact. This sudden strong impact of landing might have scared the dog.

Cavieres tried to locate and track Gaspar through many social networks. The dog was seen several times in the desert but was never caught by anyone. The search operation was only sped up, after an aid from the airline and the army in both personnel and vehicles. The animal was finally rescued and delivered back to his owner safely.

Paola Bravo, the vet who took care of the dog said to local media, “he was dirty, stressed as well as heavily malnourished. He has been lost for six days and lost considerable weight.”

Gaspar is now much better and is now slowly gaining his weight back.

The airline also admitted to their broken shipping carton as well as the disappearance of Gaspar. The airline is also currently doing an investigation if the compartment door was left open by a technical fault or a human error.

Gaspar was lost for six days in the Atacama Desert after an accident on a plane.



The airline officials said that the box containing Gaspar might have fallen down from where it was laid.

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After an intense search of 6 days, the two years old miracle dog Gaspar was found.



Paola Bravo, the vet who took care of Gaspar said, “He was dirty, stressed as well as heavily malnourished. Due to him being missing for six days, he also lost a considerable amount of body weight.”



Gaspar is now recovering back to health and is steadily gaining his weight back.



He is once again in the arms of his loving owner.



We also wish this lovely dog a complete and healthy recovery.



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