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Daria Pushkareva; A Famous Photographer From Moscow Quits Her Job To Live in a Forest With 100 Injured Dogs

Daria Pushkareva is the name of a famed wedding photographer from Moscow. She left her luxurious and beautiful life with a successful career behind all for the sake of helping some sick felines.  Pushkareva left her life in Moscow to move to a forest with her husband. Now she and her husband, in the forest are trying their best to create the best life for the dogs that have either been abandoned, grown old or have simply no chance for a happy life anywhere in the world.

We were also amazed by this immensely kind person and felt it our duty to let our readers know about it.

photo wedding Daria Pushkareva


For the past several years, Daria Pushkareva worked in the movie and photography industry of Moscow and was one of the renowned persons in this art. Her life was like any other famed photographer; frequent visits to restaurants, numerous business meetings, expensive clothes, cool gadgets, lovely trips and lots of work that paid even lots more in money. However, she had a different dream.



Darya’s love for Dogs was a childhood one:-

In her school days, she was asked a question as what profession she would like in her future. She always replied back to that question with “running a dog Shelter”. However, there was a slight hitch to her dram, ‘She was afraid of dogs’. Every time as a kid she saw a dog in the street, she would run away in the opposite direction. Not as a kid, but as an adult she was also scared of dogs. However, despite her fear, her love for them grew day by day. She wanted to have at least one dog in her life.



How She got over her fear of dogs:-

Eventually, her fear of dogs went away after an unexpected incident. One day, after the end of the working day, the whole office was having a BBQ party when suddenly a homeless dog came out of nowhere. Daria as always moved away from it while one guy started to pet the dog. Daria was amazed and asked why the dog didn’t bit the man. He replied, why would he bite me? He is a good boy. This is how Darya’s fear of dogs went away for good.

BBQ party


As Daria had a pretty busy work life; she did not have her own dog but she started out by helping at the dog shelters across the city.

Daria’s first puppy:-

One day Daria saw an ad which was about a dog that needed 200 dollars for an eye doctor. Darya and her husband decided to send money for the dog. However, they got the response that nobody wanted to take the dog to the doctor.

The couple made the decision of helping this poor sickly feline in a heartbeat. They took this dog to the doctor and after that, it stayed as a part of their family. As for the dog, he actually had both eyes, only was temporarily shut due to a terrible injury. The dog also came with a fiery temper. But the couple made peace with him and that dog led a beautiful life traveling in different countries, eating at finest restaurants and visiting special doctors.



 How Darya’s home started to turn into a sanctum for injured dogs:-

Darya said that after that first dog, dogs started to find their way to her home. Some of them came right to her home while others showed up at her office.

With the appearance of the seventh dog, her life was changed. This dog was aggressive and untamable. This dog had a brain injury which made him bite Daria and her husband many times. He would also start to guard invisible things in the house due to his brain injury.

Darya’s home

Experts advised every time to Dray to put this dog down. She, on the other hand, could not do such a thing to one she considered as a family member. She ultimately agreed to put him in a cage. For this reason, they had to look for a house outside of the town.

dog 1 dog 2 dog 3 dog 4


When Daria and Her husband moved to a forest:-

Darya and her husband moved two houses with their dogs that were kept on increasing. Neighbors everywhere would worry about these roaming dogs. Eventually, Dray and her husband found a land far away which had no electricity, no water. It was just a field surrounded by trees. They build dog houses there. For winter, they would shop tons of meat for dogs and fuel for generators. But they had one thing which was worth all this trouble; they were happy and were not bothering anyone anymore.

forest rescue dog food BlankBlankBlank


Now Darya and her husband own 100 dogs. These dogs live in warm pales, eat meat and walk in a huge territory. Some of these dogs are so old that they move around in doggy wheelchairs. However, they all got a chance to live a second life off from streets with a family that loves them from the bottom of their hearts.

Daria and her husband also continue their jobs and even have social gatherings with their friends. Their lifestyle has lessened in the past year as they have to now take care of so many dogs.




Once, Daria’s husband went to the vet with a dog in the winter season. Darya’s phone battery and flashlight battery both got depleted. The radiator also stopped working, so she gathered all the dogs near her to stay warm.





Daria started to shelter Foxes as well:-

Once, Daria met with a volunteer who was sheltering foxes. Daria also liked the idea and started to shelter foxes. She saw a photo of a raccoon and fell in love with it so she started taking care of raccoons as well.





People ask Daria where does the money for all this come from; she replies from her old clients who still like to pay her a good amount of money for retouching their photographs.

Blank Blank


As for the second and main question; why does she do all this? She says that “For their Happiness. We are a family. A shelter is a temporary place where no one wants you. But all of these dogs are ours. We live for them and will stay with them until the end.”



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