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The One Eyed Rescued Cat “Pirate” Inspired Rescuers To Start A Company; And Now He is the CEO of The Said Company

Life can be fickle but a certain cat won a second life which is far greater than its previous one. When he was found, he was miserable and was on the brink of death. However, despite his miserable state, he was full of hope and belief.

Meet this one-eyed cat who was given a second shot at life.



He snuggled on to the feet of its rescuers while purring all the time. He was obviously adamant about willing to live. He not only lost his one eye but also a piece of his ear as well as some teeth. He was also desperately starved and dehydrated. But despite these horrific pods, he made it out live.

Cats on Instagram:-



The rescuers had two cats, whom they adore too much and take lots of photos. In order to not let these photos go lost on a pc hard drive, the owners of these cats opened an Instagram account. While the photos are in the account, it still takes an awful lot of time in order to view previous ones.  This is why the owners of these rescue cats came upon an interesting idea; Printing the Instagram Photos on T-Shirts.

How did they print the Instagram Photos?



The idea all became reality all thanks to the one-eyed cat named “Pirate” who loves to make amazing poses. A single T-shirt can hold up to 400 of these amazing poses. So, there you have it; an easy and fun way to viewing favorite past memories all in one place.

Pirate is now the CEO of this company:-



Pirate, who loves to pose for Instagram photos, also became the main member of their Instagram account. After the rescuers launched their T-Shirt company, they anonymously decided to make Pirate the CEO of their company. He may well be the first cat in the word to become the CEO of a company.

Pirate’s Responsibilities as a CEO



The main responsibilities of Pirates include him testing out the merchandise and also give ideas to the worker (his owners) to what else they can add. He is a strict and hard working CEO. This is why he keeps a paw on everything and works tirelessly on the computer.



Pirate is a social being and when guests arrive, he loves to catch an opportunity to get stroked behind his ears and listening words of admiration. Everyone too adores him.



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