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Two Seagulls Who Kept Showing Up In Front Of The London Traffic Cam Are Being Called New ‘Reporters’

As it happens to be two of the seagulls in London have become somewhat of internet celebrities to make boring traffic reports a little extra fun. The audience on the Twitter account of the Transport for London (TfL) which works to keep the residents of London updated on the problems of the road has become suddenly doubled after two new reporters started making appearances over one of their traffic cams.

This Seagull pair is now the main highlight for the twitter feed of the TFL account and people certainly seem to like seeing them on these cams. Many people took this as a chance to dish out some bird-related puns on Twitter like ‘Fowl Traffic’ and ‘Beak Careful drivers’. Some people have gone even further by saying that one of these seagulls might actually be running for the position of the Mayor of London in the next elections. The bird duo which has been seen wandering near the Blackwall Tunnel in Poplar located in the east London has become so influential and famous that some people have even gone on to give these 2 seagulls there own Twitter account.

First of these 2 new reporters showed up on traffic cam on April’s last Monday.


People started joking around like that this bird has some great attitude. The tweet of this seagull went on to gather almost 15000 likes in one afternoon.

Soon the seagull, who became a social media hit, came back.


The Transport For London tweeted the picture with the caption “Guess Who’s Back?”

Later that very same day, due to popular mead of the audience, the bird made a reappearance and seemed to be talking directly on the camera.

Soon after, the first seagull was joined in by another seagull. People have named these 2 as Graeme and Steve.


TFL tweeted 2 other pictures of the seagull with the caption “Good afternoon from our favorite traffic reporter!”

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