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Funny Animal Expressions That tell What It’s like to be a Mother

Motherhood is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows. Especially when the mother is tired or stressed out. Just think – sleepless nights, added responsibility, less time for yourself, etc. Would you be smiling all the time? Of course not. Don’t get me wrong, motherhood is a beautiful thing and totally worth all the sacrifices, but it definitely has a downside. These pictures of animals’ expressions perfectly capture what “the other side” of motherhood looks likes. Keep on scrolling to take a look!

This mama needs a nap.

When protecting your babies makes you look like an octopus

Babies can be overwhelming at times

These kittens look a bit different but she loves them nonetheless

This is not what I expected

Are you done yet?

When only 1 kid takes after their dad

Comfort schmomfort!

Guys, Seriously. You Have Webbed Feet For A Reason

And You Think Raising Twins Is Hard

Pleeeease, Just One More Bedtime Story?

Wait Until Your Father Hears About This

When you try to get some alone time in the bathroom…

Having 11 kids can be rough!

So that’s the “glow” pregnant women talk about

Who can tell that these babies were adopted?

This mommy seems to be having a blast…NOT

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