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Cute Animals That You Don’t Want To Mess With

Animal lovers know the need to cuddle can be overwhelming, especially when there are big-eyed or adorably furry creatures nearby. Unfortunately, mother nature sometimes has other plans, as you’ll find below in this list of cute animals that are dangerous. Hard as it may be to imagine, there are predators out there who seek to harm the world’s most adorable creatures so these little guys have learned to equip themselves with features designed to deliver some no-so-cute pain.

Though many of the cute, vicious animals on this list aren’t the type to go looking for trouble, if trouble happens to find them, they aren’t shy about returning the favor. Other cute animals you shouldn’t touch are on this list for less painful (but still terrifying) reasons. For instance, some of these cute little fur balls have awkward habits, including but not limited to: regularly self-bathing in their own urine and committing suicide if approached by an unfamiliar human. Regardless, by the time you’re done reading the fine print that comes along with these adorable little dudes, something tells us that your will to hug will be greatly diminished.

That said, there’s no reason not to enjoy the cuteness overload that this unique group of creatures. Though they may be better filed under “look but don’t touch,” the animals you’ll find here are definitely interesting.




These little guys are among the few on the list who are actually very social creatures and can be super friendly if socialized from a young age. However, the important thing for you and your spiky little pal to keep in mind is that he is indeed covered with… well, Spikes. Those things can do some damage if he doesn’t have them folded down.

Giant Pandas



The undeniably adorable fluffiness of innocent-eyed pandas has made them the most beloved bears in the world. While pandas are normally pretty easy going, if they do feel threatened, let’s just say they don’t have a problem reminding you that they are bears and will attack you.

Big Cats



No matter how cute they are or how much a resemblance they bear to your house cat, do not believe these guys if they tell you to come over because they only want to talk. By “talk,” they obviously mean “discuss how tasty you are.”

Polar Bears



Not matter how thirsty you are, don’t ask one of these big boys for a Coca-Cola. Though adorable, the polar bear is also the largest carnivore in North America and will not hesitate to attack if he’s feeling inspired. He is a bear, after all.




Though owls tend to be pretty shy and uninterested in humans, they do not mess around if you interfere with their nests or otherwise piss them off. Their large, sharp talons are not really the type of things you want to get up close and personal with.




Make no mistake, most of the time elephants are indeed the gentle giants you’ve come to know and love. Piss them off though and they’re more than happy to remind you exactly how much more than you they weigh. In fact, elephants are responsible for the deaths of hundreds of unlucky humans in India each year.




Raccoons may be the cutest things ever to turn over trash cans, but most of them aren’t afraid to show you their teeth if they feel threatened. In addition, their cute little paws are equipped with sharp claws that pack a definite punch.

Slow Loris



f you’re looking for cuteness overload, look no further than the huge-eyed slow loris. Though their excessive amounts of cute have made them popular in the illegal pet trade, you’re in big trouble if you ever come across one before it’s had its poisonous glands removed. That’s right: this unassuming little guy is one of the very few poisonous mammals in the world.




Though kangaroos aren’t generally the type that go looking for trouble, they’re not afraid to show you who’s boss. Though their arms can be utilized for punching, their legs are their most dangerous weapons. They are strong enough to disembowel an attacker.




While not dangerous, a hug from one of these bite-sized bad boys often comes with it’s own set of surprises. While self-cleaning, marmosets often bathe in their own urine.




Swans may be known for being the gorgeous, delicate creatures they generally are, but they do not play if you get on their bad sides, especially if they’re protecting their babies. Swans aren’t afraid to go balls-out crazy in the over-protective parenting department and will keep attacking a suspected predator until either they or the threat are dead.




Though beaver attacks are a rare occurrence, they have been known to happen especially during the daytime when the little guys can become disoriented. Believe it or not, one extra pissed off beaver even killed a fisherman in 2013.




Hippos may seem like the chillest animals in the jungle, but try and get in their mud pools and you’re likely to see a very different side. Hippos are super territorial and although they weigh up to 8,000 pounds, they can actually chase people at speeds up to 20 mph. Though herbivores, their jaws can clamp down with 6,000 pounds of pure, pissed off hippo pressure.

Puffer fish



Though you may be tempted, don’t be taken in by this portly little dude’s adorable face for behind it lurks a madman. Believe it or not, he’s actually the second most poisonous vertebrate in the world. Their poison, for which there is no cure, causes a slow, painful death by suffocation due to the fact that it paralyzes the diaphragm.

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