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Taxidermy FAILs That Are Both Funny and Horrifying

When done right, taxidermy is a great way to memorialize an old pet or take pride in your hunting skills. But when done wrong, bad taxidermy can’t haunt your dreams. If your idea of fancy decor doesn’t involve keeping scary stuffed animals on your mantle, these taxidermy fails definitely won’t change your mind. They may make even the most decorated hunter think twice about bringing home their trophy.If you think you are mentally prepared, take a look at this shrine to the fallen animals who gave their lives only to be made into horrible (but funny) taxidermy. They may have to spend eternity looking surprised, crazy, or mangled, but at least they’ll get their fifteen minutes of fame.

This Beast That Totally Just Ate Your Dime Bag

This Disturbing Demonstration of What Yogi Bear Would Look Like on Acid

This Guy Totally Knows Something You Don’t Know

This Fox That Really Needs to Pee

WTF You Lookin’ At?

What Do You Mean I’m Dead?!

Behold this perfectly preserved wolf/bear/filing cabinet hybrid

This is possibly what rabies looks like

Elvis the barn owl

It might just be me, but this is probably not the best way to remember Prancer

A leopard, or a bench? You decide

That’s just wrong on so many levels

What in the hell is this ABOMINATION?!

This polar bear is high as a kite

“Alice in Wonderland” Reject

This Thing That Really Wants a Bite of What You’re Eating

Horrifying Dog/Cow?

Super Flexible Bambi

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