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Funny Pictures of Animals Sitting Like People

Animals that think they’re people are the best. They sit in front of your computer and pretend to do your taxes, chill next to you on the couch and freak out during scary movies, and they even give your friends the stink eye when they bring you the wrong drink. Animals that want to be humans (as opposed to people who want animals to be humans which leads to the worst pictures of men holding cats) are super cute until you start thinking what you do for these biped wannabes. You pick up their poop, bathe them, tolerate them pissing in the closet; it’s kind of like you’ve adopted a drunk frat boy. But these animals that think they’re humans take amazing pictures, so you put up with it.

Among these animals sitting like people are bears that enjoy leather furniture, cats who are judging you, pandas who don’t know how to share, and dogs (not dawgs) hanging out at the bar. These are the cutest animals on the internet who don’t know they’re not humans. If you enjoy animals with better posture than you, you’re in the right place.

Come Here Often?

I don’t wanna go home

Why don’t you have a seat and tell me the whole thing


This hilarious cat sitting on his butt

Waiting for their turn

Drop the camera and give us a push

Cat who sits on his butt strikes again

What’s for dinner today

Bear admiring the beauty like a human

It’s so hot today man

I’m Too Tired to Eat You

Shy sea lion

Chilling like a human and watching Netflix

It’s past your curfew time, Where were you?

Don’t mind me, I am just having lunch

My Bus Is Late Again

Draw Me, Leo

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