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Family Got Flipped Out After A Raccoon They Hit With Car Came Onto The Hood Of Car

16 years old Haylee Lowry happens to be an animal lover but one particular night became a nightmare for her passion

Earlier this week, after Haylee got her driving license and was driving on her family car with her parents back to their home on a dark stretch of a road, a wild raccoon suddenly came out of nowhere in front of their car. The new driver simply had no quick response or even time to avoid him.

The impact of Raccoon was first felt by Haylee’s mom named Michelle.

Michelle said, “When is asked her what has she hit, Haylee was almost drenched in tears.”

However little did they know that this raccoon was not an ordinary one.

Family Got Flipped Out After A Raccoon They Hit With Car Came Onto The Hood Of Car

After a few minutes, Haylee who had been heartbroken of thinking she had killed an innocent animal, her grief turned to disbelief when she found out that the animal was alive.

Like a scene from an action movie with robots and stuff, the raccoon which had been hit by the car got stuck in the grills of the car during the crash and it had struggled its way up to the top of the car’s hood, completely unscathed.

Seeing the raccoon come out like this, everyone was flipped out of their mind.

Below is the video of that incredible yet mind flipping moment that Lowry family had to go through.

Michelle said, “I was just thinking that there is no way that this is happening”.

The raccoon was clearly all OK and as soon as Haylee stopped the car on the side of the road, raccoon simply jumped off the hood and ran away like nothing ever happened.

Michelle said, “I think my daughter really learned something. Other night she said that she slowed down on her way back after she thought she saw another animal on the road.”

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