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Rescued German Shepherd finally eases as he plays a game of tag with a wild deer

Ike is the name of a rescued German Shepherd dog who after his long rehabilitation can be explained by one word from his new family and that is “Goofball”. So it is also not that much of a surprise that he is now making new unexpected friends.

Despite now knowing Ike’s nature, his owner Ethan Cole was a little baffled to see a few days ago out in his backyard in Florida as to what was going on there.

His fun-loving dog was busy playing a game of tag with a wild friend.

As it happens to be Ike and his new friend, a wild deer, the same size as Ike, who was on the other side of the fence, were paying a game.

Looking at them first Ethan first thought, Ike was trying to chase the deer like he tries to hunt a squirrel down but then something amazing happened.

After Ike was done chasing the deer in one direction, he pivoted in the other and then the deer chased him down the fence as if they were taking turns to catch each other.

Below is the video of the amazing game that these tow unexpected friends come up on their own.

Cole said, “This was the first time that I have seen Ike and his new friend playing.”

After few minutes of playing the game, deer ran off into the woods.

This does not mean that Ike’s little fun and games have come to a halt. As you can see in the video, there is another little pup by the name Hobbes who is also a friend to Ike and they can resume their game any time when they feel like it.

Cole said that to his family, Dogs hold a special place. Even the name Ike was given to this rescued German Shepherd in honor of another dog which his mother had when she was a little girl.

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