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Family Dog Makes A Ruckus One Night For Family To Help Someone Unexpected

Things could have ended really tragically for a stray cat if the dog named Max had not alerted his family timely.

Last Friday morning, as the family war all lying in their bed, Max was suddenly woken up by the sounds he could not ignore. The sounds were quite clear for the little Max to hear at the early hours of the morning from the front door of his family’s house. These sounds were of a cat in trouble.

Max knew that he really had to check them out.

Family Dog

Max’s owner named Laylany said, “He was barking nonstop and he was scratching the front door.”

Laylany knew that something was wrong and that is why the family dog was checking it up. They opened the door and found that a poor stray kitten was on their front door that had his head stuck inside a food bag wrapper.

She was looking for help and had found Max.

Laylany said, “The poor kitten was clearly suffocating inside the trapped bag but somehow managed to find her way to our house. My dad instantly approached the cat and removed the food bag.”

House Front

Below is the video of the moment when Laylany’s dad opened the door and found the cat and then proceeded to remove the bag from its head.

After the bag was removed, the cat ran away alive into the darkness. All of this was thanks to Max and his insistence to wake up his family.

Laylany said, “Max is a real hero. If it was not for his barking, we would have been asleep and never would have had known about the cat that was in need of help.”

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