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Animals facing threat of extinction due to climate changes

Planet earth is facing the threat of global warming due to our dependency on fossil fuels and rapid industrialization. If we do not make amends for all the negative impact of human activities very soon, planet is going to have severe climatic changes that will affect both human and animal life as well. Following are some animals that are facing threat of extinction due to climate changes.

American Pika:-

They are closely related to rabbits and hares and has adapted to the cold climate of Alpines. Warm temperatures are rather intolerable for this animal. They are moving to up slope areas to resist the high temperatures and it is suspected that in few decades or so they will have no more places to go up. Massive populations of Pika have already disappeared from their earlier natural habitats while others are facing same crisis.

American Pika

Adelie penguin:-

Adelie penguin is one of the primary dwellers of Antarctica are facing extinction dangers from rapid climate changes. These birds have already rapidly decreased from Western Antarctica, a place which is facing rapid effects of global warming on earth at the moment. Their coastal nesting grounds are unsuitable for survival rates of young chicks. Warmer than usual ocean temperatures are also impacting badly on the primary prey of this penguin, which are Fish and Krill.

Adelie penguin


Koala is the most iconic and fluffy marsupial of Australia. They are also endangered from global warming and it is predicted that n a next century or so under harsh global warming they might go extinct. Koala’s have strict diet dependency on Eucalyptus leaves. These leaves as a result of increased carbon footprint have low nutritional values resulting in malnutrition and often starving of Koalas. Longer the droughts persist; higher are the chances of bush fires that can endanger not only Koala but also other millions of forest dwelling creatures. After their food source is scarce, Koalas are likely to get down from their tree habitats for finding foods in open. This will put them at risk for many predators.


Monarch Butterfly:-

Monarch Butterflies are one of the most beautiful and dazzling species of butterfly. These butterflies make migrations in impressive number from North America towards overwintering grounds of Southern America. Just like other animals, Monarch Butterfly is rather sensitive to climate changes. The frequency with which climate is changing rapidly is putting this species to treat of extinction in future. Monarch Caterpillars depend on sustenance from Milk weed, however due to climate getting warmer and warmer; the plants on which they depend upon are also becoming less common. If the global warming persists, our future generations might only see this charismatic species in pictures.

Monarch Butterfly

Polar Bear:-

Polar bear, one of the mot majestic creatures in the world residing in sea of ice in Arctic region is facing threat of extinction due to severe global warming. Summers in Arctic region are getting longer resulting in Ice Sea to remain ice free for prolonged period of times. Polar bears, as a result of this are facing difficulty in finding its primary prey, The Arctic Seals. This results most of their time spent finding food on land and his result in deathly encounters with humans. Due to this their numbers are decreasing rather rapidly.

Polar Bear

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