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Blind Elephant Starts Dancing After The Pianist Plays Piano For Comforting Her

Animals are often heard of amazing humans with their traits that re almost similar to that of humans. There are even instances when animals show the traits that they can understand ad even sometimes partake in the things we call culture and art.

You might not believe at first but there is this cute and bind elephant that likes to dance on the tune of classical tunes.



This is the story about a musician named Paul Barton from Britain who has dragged his piano in the center of an elephant sanctuary. Once there he started to play classical music to an elephant which is blind named Lam Duan.

As for the response of that blind elephant, it was pretty human-like.  She started swaying to her sides while moving her trunk as if she was dancing to the beautiful sounds of music.


In the video, Barton explains the gentle yet blind elephant Lam Duan that lived her life mostly blind. Lam Duan is 62 years old and is spending her life in the sanctuary called ElephantsWorld which is an origination for protection of animals working in Wang Dong, Thailand. Barton plays to Lam Duan classical piano music from composers like Johann Sebastian Bach, Frédéric Chopin, Erik Satie, and Franz Schubert.


The musician took his piano to the elephant sanctuary based in Thailand for the sake of giving the elephants there some musical fun.


While the blind elephant cannot see the kind-hearted pianist due to her blindness, she can still enjoy the music played by him. It feels as if reading to the blind but with the music.


Barton got this idea when one day he was on the bridge of River Kwai and was filming a video for his channel. He heard about this elephant sanctuary there and asked the officials of the sanctuary if he could bring his piano there and play for these elephants. They agreed to his request happily.

Lam Duan is not the only sanctuary elephant that enjoys Burton’s music.


This is the full video of Barton playing classical music for Lam Duan on his piano and she swaying to the tunes.

Some of the elephants enjoyed the music from Barton so much that they even started singing along with him.

Barton is also known for playing the traditional Thai flute named Saiyok for the elephants.

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