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Hungry and Excited Dog Could Barely Wait For His Order At A Starbucks Drive-Through

One fine morning a woman named Stefanie Papasoff was the next person in line at a Starbucks drive-through and was all set to grab her coffee. Then she noticed nothing really different as the car ahead of her had someone who seemed really hungry and excited for their order.

That someone was a little dog who had his head stuck out of the car’s window and was waiting anxiously for his order. He seemed to be aware o what was going to happen next as if he had done the same drill a few times but he still could not hold his excitement.

Stefanie Papasoff

Stefanie Papasoff told, “He had his head out of the window for the entire time. He was watching intently as what was going to happen next from the window of Drive-Through.”

Finally, the window of Drive-Through opened up and then a barista appeared from it with a cup of Puppuccino in her hand.

Seeing the barista with its order, the dog could not seem any happier.

Stefanie Papasoff said, “He lapped all of it quickly.  He just went nuts for his treat.”

As for the barista, she seemed to have equally liked servicing this cute and adorable pup as he ate his treat.

Stefanie Papasoff

Stefanie Papasoff said, “The best part of it all was that the entire car had only ordered a single cup of Puppuccino. I saw them and they never ordered any other food or drink; just 1 cup of Puppuccino.”

It seemed that the family only waited for their turn at the drive-through line just for the sake of their pup. And seeing the dog’s excitement, the wait seems to be worth it.

Stefanie Papasoff

After the dog was done with his Puppuccino, Stefanie Papasoff also pulled up ahead for her turn and got her drink smiling.

Stefanie Papasoff said, “The barista seemed to be overwhelmed with joy. I asked them about this and they said that this was the best part of their whole job.”

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