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Animals that have really gotten themselves in funny situations

So you got stuck in a chair or tangled in a rope? Hey, awkward situations happen to the best of us. Just ask the animals in predicaments on this list. If you’re constantly trapping yourself in some uncomfortable positions, you’re about to find yourself in good company as you get a load of these animals who realized too late that they may have made overly ambitious decisions.

This list of funny pets in predicaments includes everything from stuck animals to furry little guys and gals who have found themselves in slippery situations they’re not quite sure how to get out of. There are acrobatic cats who climbed too high and can’t get down, plus dogs (and even a cow!) who decided to see if their heads would fit through random objects. Spoiler alert: they didn’t, and the poor little guys had to end up wearing those objects as accidental necklaces.

The next time you’re feeling down about your own clumsiness level, or are just looking for a good laugh, these funny creatures who have found themselves in outrageous situations are sure put a grin on your face.

At Least Give Me a Push!

If I Fits I… Smooshes

He Insists the Slide Shrank

The Blinds Started It

Remains Adorably Optimistic

Houdini Hound’s Levitation Skills

Wee! This Seems Fuuuu–

Well This Doesn’t Seem Right…

“Nobody Here but Us Lawn Chairs” – Sam the Reluctant Sheep at Sheering Time

This Is Not How You Hammock

He Dreams of Becoming an Astronaut

Hahaha… the expression of the cow is priceless

This Poor Guy Is Hanging in There a Little Too Literally

Mother of God, I Thought It Was a Stationary Deck!

Totally Helping with the Yard Work

Caught in a Slinky…happens to best of us

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