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Things which only Husky owners understand

Huskies are not regular animals, and sometimes their owners feel as if someone deliberately inserted a generator of unexpected things into them! Maybe it’s true, so before you get such a pet, you should know that after you do, your life will never be the same again.

We have made a little compilation of things every future husky owner should know. By the end, you will know what to prepare for when the time comes to get this kind of dog.

So scroll down to look at these insane things which only Husky owners will understand.

Every Husky puppy is a little miracle

Husky puppy

The more miracles you have, the better it is


If you are a Husky owner, you should always be ready for a surprise

Husky owner

With a Husky around the house learn to share your food and drinks


Beware; the sharing part is for you alone, Huskies don’t share their food


Huskies have emotional and hilarious mood swings all the time


Tip; if you are a Husky owner then keep a camera on you at all time because you never know….


Being a husky means being Dominant


Sometimes they will freak you out like they are Possessed by a Demon from hell


Huskies can turn off. The problem is solved with something tasty

turn off

Sometimes they realize they can’t run away from you


Believe us they try really hard to run away


Free space! Don’t kid yourself, these dogs decide that for you


Huskies are jealous. If you have such a dog, you can only walk with them, and not with others

dog with owner

They are a suspicious bunch. Don’t give it a reason to be

suspicious bunch

It’s very hard to hide a secret from these dogs


You are their whole world; if you’re not home, your pet goes into hibernation mode


When you come back, they will return to life


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