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An Abused Sick Dog was tied by a chain so badly; he could not lie down to sleep

Totopo is the name of a rescued dog form Mexico and no one had any idea as to what really happened with him.

Back in October of last year, a woman found him with a chain near her house located in Cancun, Mexico. The tied-up pitbull who was 3 years old had no food or water, much less a shelter over his head. The cruel person who had left him there had tied him with a chain so short that he could not even lie down to sleep.

Due to this poor state, the dog was suffering from conditions like mange and ringworm. His skin was also burnt in many places.

Rescue Dog

Director for the Animal Haven Group named Tiffany Lacey said, “The crop job carried out on his ears seemed they had been done with some scissors. Hsia canines were also shaved off.”

The woman knocked the door outside of which Totopo was chained. The person from inside the house said that the dog was being kept their as a punishment for chasing after a chicken. The woman then talked the family into giving he dog to her. She took the dog straight to her friend named Matteo who is the director of the Riviera Rescue AC.

dangerous dog

Matteo placed the photo of Totopo of Facebook in hopes of dining him some help and Lacey saw the photo. She knew instantly that she had to help the poor dog. She said, “It was one of the most horrific photos that I had evens seen in my life.”

Lacey contacted Matteo ad worked out a way to have the dog delivered from Mexico to New York at her shelter.

Lacey said, “He arrived a few weeks later and was flown in New York directly by Matteo. He also brought two other dogs which we accepted and named them Clarita and Temo. Both of these dogs were paralyzed.”

Faithful Dog

Totoro fur was still growing back and his injuries were also not fully healed.  But surprisingly his behaviour was not affected by his poor condition and the saddening ordeal he went through.

Lacey was also amazed as to how well and fast Totopo adjusted to life in New York City.

Faithful Dog

Lacey said, “Totopo is a very good boy. He walks on his leash really well and loves to greet people.  He always wants hugs and is also great with other dogs.”

Dog Hand Shake with Man

Shelter placed photos of Totopo on Facebook and lots of people have already shown their interest in having him. Lacey plans to put the adoption notice as soon as Totopo fully heals.

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