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Doorbell Video of A Dog Who Desperately Tries To Follow Back The Woman Who Abandoned Her

One heartbreaking scene happened outside a home located in San Antonio, Texas which nobody was there to see expect a doorbell security camera.

A spokesperson for Animal Care Services named Lisa Norwood said to media, “Anyone can clearly see in the video that the little dog in the video seems like she is going for a walk with her owner.”

The woman who was walking this brindle pitbull dog stopped outside of a suburban house. She then proceeds to spread a plastic bag with kibble on it. The dog sits down patiently and allows her owner to tie her leash to the metal pole of the basketball hoop. The dog can be seen wagging her tail in excitement.


However, as soon as the woman starts to walk away, the dog that was happy go lucky a moment ago turns anxious.

Norwood said, “Dog’s happiness turned into confusion and then to fear as her owner started walking away. She does not seem to be aware that she was being abandoned. She tries to go after her and you can see her legs get tangled up in the leash.”


The dog tires again and again to follow her owner but her efforts are halted dead in their tracks due to the leash.

As for the homeowner, he had been out to run for a few errands and when he came back home he found out this dog frightened and cowering in his yard. There was not even a note left as to why this dog had been abandoned.

The dog since then had been taken in by the Animal Care Services shelter and had been named as Takis. There she has become an instant favorite of everyone.


Norwood said, “Takis is a sweet and playful little dog. She even knows how to sit and walks even well on a leash. We are still trying to figure out as to why someone would do something like this to her.”


Norwood further said, “it was not more than 24 hours that somebody came in the shelter and saw Takis and filled out an adoption form for her.”


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