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Video of a Cat saying ‘Well, Hi’ in the Southern Accent HAs People listening to video over and over again

Wouldn’t it be really nice if the animals could speak the human language? It would be really great considering how you can share what they are felling and how you feel about them. All the things you can share with your pet cat or a pet dog will be a great gift if it was really possible.

Well, some animals have the ability to mimic the human language like the Parrots but they can only be taught to mimic sentences but not really have a conversation. Still, this was the closest thing of an animal or a bird talking in the human language.

Well, now there is another amazing animal in the mix here ad it is a cat. Life with cats is always full of surprises but a talking cat was a nice change for a surprise. This is the story of the cat named Gambino Bambino, which is an 8-year-old tabby cat. Gambino has found a new way of surprising his owner and everyone loves it with an added surprise.

The video of Gambino has been posted by his owner on the Instagram account of the cat by the name Gambino_911. This video is nothing ordinary but a really special one which has gone viral and has people listening to it over and over again.  The reason is that in this video, Gambino actually greets his owner.

The video starts by Gambino and is owner talking and then suddenly Gambino runs across the room with her human chasing after him. After a few seconds, the little cat is found and then he raises its head and manages to meow out a greeting saying, “Well, Hi” in the southern accent and then proceeds to groom himself.




This is the viral video of Gambino Bambino, where he greets his owner in the Southern accent.

The clip was first uploaded on social media platform Tik Tok, where the video already holds 1.4 million+ likes along with 10.4K+ comments. All of these people are wondering as to what is this kitty going to say next. Well, it might be “How You Doin?” next.







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