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A Woman Records Her Fiancé Secretly As He Sings A Sweet Song To The Family Dog

The mother of a dog named Lady ended up at the shelter house while she was carrying her but was luckily pulled out of the shelter by rescuers before she could give birth to her pups. As for Lady, she was adopted by her current loving family when she was only 9-week-old. She has been in love with her family ever since that day and her family adores her too much.

Jen Anderson, mom of Lady said, “If Lady is not anywhere near yoyo, then you would have her on you. She is a very affectionate dog and is very eager in making everybody happy.  She loves to snuggle with us and also tends to give lots of spitty kisses.”


Jen Anderson

Lady is adored by her owner and her fiancée very much along with many other dogs they have. They are always finding the cutest ways to describe their love for their dogs.


Jen Anderson

One day, when Anderson was getting ready for shopping last week, she suddenly heard the sound of music coming from the other room which got her curious as her fiancé was getting ready to go with her.  Shortly after the music turned to signing and it did not take her long to suddenly realize that it was her fiancée who was signing in a serene manner for their dog Lady.

Anderson said, “I immediately grabbed my phone and put it on recording and headed down the room. I was tip-toeing to reach the room.”

In order for her to capture this adorable moment without making them notice her, Anderson sneaked from the door lightly and then her completely melted to see what was happening.  She watched as her fiancée was singing to Lady a sweet song and Lady also could not get enough of it.

Anderson said, “Lady loved every moment of it.”

Both of them could not notice Anderson recording their beautiful interaction so she was able to record the moment in its complete beauty. Even after recording the beautiful time between the master and the dog, Anderson did not disturb them as she snuck away.

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