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Elderly Woman Feared Neighbor’s Pit Bull Until That Dog Rescued Her Life

Meet Simba the sweet nature pit bull bog that has the friendliest personality. But some people only see him as a scary dog just because of his infamous breed.

However, this dog has recently proven all of these critics wrong.


Simba saved the life of his owner’s neighbor.


The neighbor of Arjanit lives only one floor down below him and one day when Simba and his owner were coming back home, Simba suddenly started to bark and then ran towards the neighbor’s door. From inside the house, both Simba and Arjanit heard cries of help from the elderly neighbor. She had apparently fallen down on the floor and had her hip was broken by the fall. Arjanit called for the ambulance immediately and they took her to hospital.

The elderly neighbor had apparently fallen on the floor and had her hop broken.


After Simba helped the elderly neighbor, her attitude regarding Simba was completely changed.


Arjanit told media that he had no idea that the story of his dog saving the life of his neighbor would go viral like this. He said that he only posed it because he wanted to make positive feedback regarding pit bulls.

Arjanit said, “People from all over the world have written and shared their feedback about pit bulls.”



Arjanit talked to one of the elder neighbor’s relatives and they told him that she had been operated on and is on her way to recovery. He also told media that the view of her neighbor towards Simba and the pit bulls has changed quite a lot.

The owner of Simba believes that each dog is a reflection of the owner.




Arjanit also shared his views that it is not the dog to be blamed for his aggressive behavior but the owner. Even a Labrador can be made aggressive or a German shepherd can be made into a family dog.

Arjanit is of the view, “It is not the breed of the dog that is the main problem here but the ones that are holding the dog’s leash. Give all pit bulls a fair chance.”

You have to admit, Simba is a really photogenic dog.


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