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Top controversies about cattle

Cattle seem like ordinary animals but due to the symbiotic relationship of cattle and humans, they have been introduced into nearly every facet of our culture like literature, music and art. At the same time there had been many bizarre controversies traveling around on internet or in real life about cattle and their implication s on humans. Some of the top controversies surrounding cattle are as follows.


Animal welfare organizations often protest that castrating bulls is not only cruel but unnecessary. The reason they present it that without castration bulls can bulk up well and their met will be not only more but also tastier.

People in favor of castration present their advocacy by saying that castrated bull is less aggressive and the taste of a castrated bull is more preferred by beef lovers.



Veal is nothing more than a byproduct of the ever growing dairy farming needs. In order for cows to produce more milk they have to give more birth and these babies can not just be simply supported. This is especially for vegans who considering eating dairy product instead of cattle meat, the milk you are drinking or the cheese you are eating, you are still indirectly promoting the vela industry.


Hormones and Antibiotics:-

Farmers in USA are allowed to boost up the growth of both meat and milk production in cattle by use of hormones. In Canada and Europe the use of these synthetic Hormones is banned due to the possibility of these hormones absorption by humans eating beef and drinking milk which can lead to serious health issues like Cancer. There is another controversy that cattle raised on hormones when defecate, their feces also contains these hormones which can cause negative implications on environment as well as on wildlife.

Another debate is about the use of antibiotics and the protestors only blame factory farming. Animals kept in close quarters are administered with antibiotics only as a preventative measures. These antibiotics administrations in cattle are theorized to be the cause of the major antibiotic resistance currently being developed in the human population.

Hormones and Antibiotics

Mad cow disease:-

Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE) or mad cow disease is a disease normally occurring in cattle that results in holes in their brains caused either by pathogenic proteins or prion. This results to aggressive behavior in cattle along with problem in basic nail coordination and ultimately which can lead to death. Many of the researchers have theorized that this disease originated when the cattle that are vegetarian by nature are fed the meat of other dead cattle or small livestock like sheep.

BSE has also been linked with a major human disease called Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob (vCJD) that is a terrible neurological disorder. This disorder can present symptoms like dementia, memory loss, hallucinations, lack of coordination, loss of balance and ultimately death. Patients with early onset of symptoms have only few months to live after.

Mad cow disease


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