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A Nice Man Stops After Realizing A Pigeon Is Trying To Tell Him Something

Sometimes all it takes is a few seconds to help someone in need. Same was the case for a nice man who was taking a walk along that boardwalk when he attentively tired to listen to someone.

The name of the man is Jack Neal, a resident of Arizona who was in Santa Barbara to see the coastline along with his mother. He was there and a wild pigeon decided to join them.


Neal told media, “I was walking down the boardwalk when the pigeon suddenly flew right up and landed next to me.”

As the pigeon landed on a nearby water fountain, Neal was watching it. At that point, Neal thought that the pigeon was also looking at him and was doing it purposely.

Neal said, “It looked as if the pigeon was trying to find some water out of the grease that was left behind in the fountain. I thought in my mind that she needed some help.”


Being a wild pigeon they have the chance of flying free but not much so to make a water fountain work.

Neal who decided to help the pigeon came over and turned the water fountain button on for the pigeon.

The pigeon was really thirsty as it satisfied herself with a few sips of the freshwater streams as Neal stood by her side holding the button.

Neal’s mom was also proud of her son’s act of kindness towards a pigeon. Neal said, “She shot this video because she thought that it was cute.”


Neal said, “I am a huge animal lover myself. I happen to have 2 pet dogs and 2 pet cats along with a very special bearded dragon.”

If the video of the pigeon is any indication, animals also love Neal very much. “

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