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Petunia; The Rescued Duck Who Greets Her Owner In The Cutest Way Possible

Let’s be honest, when someone asks you as to what do you think about duck who live in a furnished house, the first thing that comes to your mind is Donald Duck.

While that might be true (completely debatable), there are so many more ducks in the world that have the good luck of meeting with complete strangers who turned out to be either their rescuers or their owners or sometimes both.

One of these many fortunate ducks is a duck named Petunia who lives happily with her owner named Chantel Grace at her house. While most animals are not aware, how lucky they are when they are rescued but not Petunia. She is completely aware of her fortune to be rescued by Grace and she makes sure that her owner knows as to how grateful she really is towards her.

Every time, Chantel comes home from a long busy and tiring day at work; Petunia makes sure that Chantel sees her face of eternal gratitude and admiration.

Petunia is a rescued duck who makes sure that every time her rescuer comes home, she sees her brimming and bursting with joy.



Petunia greets Chantel Grace, her owner, with a wagging tail along with her special thanks in her duck language.



This is the look Petunia’s love.



Welcome Home; Mom



You can also see Petunia’s one of a kind cutest greeting in this video.

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