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This Cat Can Say ‘Uh-Oh’ Just Like A Human Whenever She’s Is Hungry

Today meet bacon, who is a cat that knows exactly how to ask from others what she really wants.

However, this cat does not need to communicate in the feline word of only Meow. This cat has actually managed to learn how to mimic the words of her mother. Well, she only knows to words for now, which are “Uh-Oh” but this is still impressive for a cat.

Barbara Jones

The first Bacon said Uh-Oh, both her mom and dad could believe what they heard. Barbara Jones said, “Each morning we would get up and go out to feed her and we would often say Uh-oh! Your bowl is empty. Then one morning, out of nowhere, she said her very first own Uh-oh”.

Both of her parents heard Bacon say Uh-oh but when they tried to make her say the same exact word one more time, she would not open her mouth. Jones said, “She is a cat after all and she is a moody one too.”

But they did not have to wait long afterward for bacon to say that favorite word once more. The very next day, Bacon again said Uh-oh when both her parents came down to give her food and since then this has continued for every single day.

Jones said, “Now we as oaks her, do you want to eat? And then she would respond with a hearty Uh-Oh.”

For Bacon, the sword Uh-Oh is not like a way of getting alarmed but an expression of demand. To her, it means feed me.

You can also watch her say Uh-oh in this amazing video below.

Bacon and Jones’s family had been in each other’s care and love for now almost 11 years. Jones said, “one day I simply heard a kitty yelling outside the door of my apartment. I then opened the door to find out and Bacon simply ran inside the apartment. Bacon has chosen me.”

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