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This Puppy At A Shelter Smiles At Everyone Who Passes Him By

A woman named Courtney Wingate was talking a walk at her hometown’s local animal shelter when she came across the 3 cute little lab puppies sitting in a kennel. Courtney Wingate, who is the director of the Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana, knew in her heart that she cannot leave these cute looking puppies there especially when one of them passed her the cutest and charming smile she had ever seen in her life.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Wingate then called on a volunteer named Sarrah Walton, who then helped her grab that 8 weeks old dog along with the others. As Wingate is a big fan of the LSU, she named the pups as Jose, O, and Burreaux after the name of the quarterback and the coach of the team.

These puppies tested negative at the vet’s clinic for Parvo but once during the rescue, Burreaux got sick. He is the same pup who passed that charming smile we told you earlier. They immediately took to the animal hospital ad luckily he made it to full recovery.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

Back during the rescue shelter, Wingate noticed that whenever someone talked with Burreaux in a high voice while yelling him that he is a good boy, he would immediately flash his teeth in a smile.

Walton said, “It is whenever you are sweet-talking to him, he offers a big smile like he is asking for something. It is like he is telling you to pet him and love him.”

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana

When these dogs were all set for looking a new forever home, the rescue then posted a video of Joe where he displays his natural talent of playing fetch and Joe was adopted soon.

As for Burreaux, Walton and Wingate were thinking about what they need to post for a special talent to help him get adopted. He was not a good fetch dog like his brother but he was still a sucker for the love and sweet talks.

Walton said, “We were thinking that Burreaux wants a forever home so much that he is always smiling as if he is trying to cute it up. So we then recorded a video of him and it is going viral.”

Watch the video the shelter posted on Facebook below.

In only a few days this video has been seen for 50K+ times but both O and Burreaux are still looking for their forever home. We do hope that soon Burreaux and his sister are going to find themselves a lovely forever home.

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