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These photos will help you get over your fears of snakes

Are you afraid of snakes just because you have heard they are deadly and venomous? Well it is quite normal because majority of human population is afraid of them for the very same reason. With their creepy crawly and cold blooded bodies that are so uncommon as compared to human that we have developed fear of an unknown.

However these snakes are beautiful and majestic creatures with many great traits. They are not only a majestic marvel of Mother Nature but are also pretty cute in some aspects. Once you have seen the cuter side of them you are simply not going to think of them simply as forked tongue cold body creatures with venomous fangs.

Here are some of the snake pictures that are surely going to settle down your fear of snakes. As a word of caution; snakes are still wild animals with natural venomous bodies and they can be still pretty deadly. Scroll down to enjoy the amazingly cute and majestic pictures of snakes.

Here is a rare snake a “Serpicorn”; a snake unicorn that can cheer you up with his powers of cuteness

Look at how happy this baby snake is; this just made my day

A baby Asian Vine snake seems like he is either meditating or is pretty Stoned

Beauty of nature can be found in this Half Albino snake (look closely he has pumpkin on its back)

Gorgeous Snake Princess with a flower crown

Hi There; fancy seeing you here

A classy Snek wearing a top hat

Ground Snake are pretty cute when they are all balled up in a ring

They can make one hell of a finger ring too

Getting ready for winter

Snake named Noodle; he is just too cute don’t you agree

Shocked! Yes snakes can be petted as well

Snake Selfie

Snake taking a breath of fresh air and enjoying life

Bonus: who has seen a snake drinking water?

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