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Fisherman Makes An Unexpected Yet Adorable Catch In The Middle Of A Lake

Has it ever happened to you that while you were doing one thing and instead of getting the expected results, fate threw at you something really unexpected? Well, our story of today’s animal rescue is sort of the same thing. This is the story of a bobcat cub which was found at a very unexpected place; the middle of the lake. If the rescuer of his had not come at the right moment, then things could have ended in the worst possible way.

The hero of our story today is Brett Hereford a man who happens to have an extreme love for fishing. The man goes out to fishing alongside his family occasionally to the lake Montana. But this time, he did not know that his visit this time would end up saving an innocent life.



Brett Hereford went out fishing back in the month of October with his wife at a certain lake located in Montana. There he made the catch of his lifetime. Well, the thing is that the big catch of his was not a fish.

As per the local media reports, the Herefords had been on their boat far from the shore of the Lake Flathead. While sitting there with their fishing lines, they noticed that something was in the water and it was not a fish. The decided to move a little closer to that figure in the lake for taking a much closer and clear look. It was then that it dawned on them that it was a bobcat cub that was trying his best to stay on the surface of the lake.



Well, who could have had ignored such a heartbreaking scene and The Herefords were no exception as well.  Instead of leaving the animal to his devices, the Herefords decided to step in and save the bobcat.  Brett Hereford brought out his fishing net and then scooped up the nearly exhausted bobcat cub.

This is the video of the moment after Brett Hereford scooped up the bobcat cub and saved its life.

It is still unclear how the bobcat cub had reached in the middle of the lake which could have turned a life-ending case.


The Herefords later told a local named Cindy Benson who told media, “The said that if they did not net in the bobcat, it was surely going to drown. The sad it looked extremely tired.”

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