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Animals that have recently gone extinct

animal extinctionIn the past animal extinction occurred as a result of natural occurrences like the following.

  • Climate changes
  • Change in seas levels
  • Geographical anomalies

However in recent times, animal extinction is majorly contributed due to human activities. Following are some f the human induced extinction cause.

  • Habitat destruction of animals
  • Cut down forest for land expansion
  • Pollution
  • Over fishing or hunting

We have compiled a list of some animal that have gone extinct recently in past 70 years or so as a result of human activities.

West African Black Rhinoceros:-

The West African Black Rhinoceros species of Rhinos was once easily found in the several countries of the Southeast African region in the past. This rhino weighed around 1300 kilograms on average with a distinctive feature of two horns on its face. Their heavy poaching was a result to a rumor that their horns had medicinal properties. They were strictly herbivores. In 1930, intervention and protests were held for its preservation but still poaching incident occurred. Lat reported Rhino was seen back in 2006 in Cameroon and in 2011 it was officially declared extinct.

Black Rhinoceros

Baiji White Dolphin:-

Baiji White Dolphin or also known as Chinese River Dolphin was only found in the Yangtze River of china. These exotic mammals could grow up to 8 feet in height while weighing quarter of a ton. After maintaining a habitat for more than 20 million years in Yangtze River, their number suddenly started to decline in 1950. After industrialization of China, the river was used for purpose of fishing, transportation and hydroelectricity generation which resulted on the population of this mammal. They have not been officially recorded as extinct species but no one has reported seeing them since 2002.

White Dolphin

Pyrenean Ibex:-

Pyrenean Ibex is the sub species of the Iberian Goat, with its natural habitat in Iberian Peninsula. This herbivore could grow up to 60 to 70 cm in height while weighing 24 to 80 kg in weight. They were reported to be 50,000 in number at the start of 1900 but after that their excessive hunting left them only 100 in population. Exact causes for their extinction are not known but poaching is mainly considered one of them. The last Pyrenean Ibex died after a tree fell on it back in 2000 in Spain.

Pyrenean Ibex

Tasmanian tiger:-

Tasmanian tiger, the large carnivorous marsupial mammal was native of Australia. They had appearance similar to that of a dog. The animal was primarily driven to extinction with excessive hunting while human land expansion also played key role. Last Tasmanian tiger was kept in Hobart Zoo which died in 1936.

Tasmanian tiger

Javan Tiger:-

Javan tiger, sub species of tiger that was only limited to Java Island of Indonesia. At the start of 19th century they were so common that they were even considered as pests. After the human expansion of the island in the mid half of 19th century these animals were driven to extinction. The last Javan Tiger was spotted back in 1972.

Javan Tiger

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